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Paver (personalized)


Product Description


All purchases are 

NOTICE:  All pavers ordered after 8 July 2021 will not be laid until 2022 or later. 

The next available block is "Block H" - 345 paver spaces.

The Goodfellow Historical Foundation is proud to announce the opportunity for individuals or hangars to purchase engraved paver stones which will be placed in the front courtyard at Quiet Birdmen National Headquarters at Flabob Airport in Riverside, California.

As of 1 January 2016 the price is $150 each.

General Instructions when ordering

Please list only one (1) QB per paver please

a. The top two lines are for your name. Each of these first two lines will accommodate a total of 17 characters, to include letters and spaces. When entering your name remember to leave a spaces between words, ie. don’t run the words together as in RICHARDRBLYTHE. In many cases your name will fit on one line but the second line can be used as well for longer names. No titles are allowed; General James H. Doolittle would read as James H. Doolittle. Similarly, Dr. Joseph Q. Pilot or Joseph Q. Pilot, P.H.D. would read simply as Joseph Q. Pilot. Orders will be checked on our QBird database. Preferred nicknames will be allowed. Remember, you’ve got only the two top lines for your name.

b. The third line will be your QB number. Please be very careful to get your number correct. If a discrepancy is found, from what you’ve entered and the number listed on the database, it will delay the creation of your paver.

c. The fourth line will be for your Hangar affiliation. This line will accommodate 17 spaces in the same manner as in lines 1 and 2. If you’ve been a member in more than one Hangar please start listing the letter/number identifier of the Hangars from left to right. List only the Hangars of which you’ve been an actual member. You will have to prioritize if the 17 spaces aren’t enough. This information will also be compared to the QB database for accuracy. As with the other lines, LEAVE A SPACE BETWEEN THE ENTRIES.



Monday through Friday
0700 to 1500
Closed on all Federal Holidays

For Hangars purchasing a minimum of ten engraved pavers, a Hangar paver will be included at no extra charge. The Hangar paver will include:

1.  The Hangar location name.

2.  The Hangar letter/number identification, and

3.  The Hangar charter date as determined by the GHF historical gurus. 


 To order multiple pavers in one order please ADD TO CART one-at-a-time.  Then return to the Paver order form and enter your 2nd, ADD TO CART, etc.  You can add as many as 25 in one order.  Always leave the Quantity at 1.


NOTE:  All pavers will be produced via the examples below.  Name, QB Number, and Hangar(s) only.


One Line Name



Two Line Name


Multiple Hangars


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Does not ship to member. Paver will be placed in QB Headquarters courtyard at Flabob Airport, Riverside, California.
Minimum Purchase:
1 unit(s)
Maximum Purchase:
50 unit(s)